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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 9 - April Book Challenge

Have you ever wanted to change your name? I sometimes have. There are so many different ways to spell Shawnee that I have just stopped correcting people. I mean I have seen, Shawni, Shawnie, Shawny, Shauni, Shaunie, Shauny. Like seriously guys? Why cant all the random strangers pick one mispelling and move on?

Since it is National Name yourself day, this post is dedicated to a book with a character who gave themselves a new name. And that book is....

Looking for Alaska by John Green
Looking for Alaska
Don't know what this is about? Check out the link above for the Goodreads page or click here for my review.

The main reason I chose this book is because I LOVE IT. But other than that I always liked the story of why Alaska chose her name. And I liked that her parents actually gave her a choice. It makes me think about what I would have chosen if I got to pick...

 So read on and you will fall in love with it too :)

-Shawnee Smith

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