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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 3 - April Book Challenge

Day three is all about poetry. In honor of that I have chosen the Matched series by Ally Condie.

This series is driven by poetry. It is what brings the two main characters together, and links the main character with her grandfather. 

Don't know what this series is about? Check out my review of the first one here

or just keep reading.

The Matched series takes place in a world where the government of the Society has oppressed their citizens in every way. The most notable is that officials have chosen only 100 versions of every art form to continue to exist. 100 paintings, 100 poems, 100 songs, 100 stories, etc. Along with this limitation the Society also uses an algorithm to Match citizens with their perfect spouse. The story follows Cassia Reyes, a lover of poetry, who is matched with her best friend. But she later finds out that she was matched with another boy she knows. She must then decide how to live the rest of her life. Follow what the Society says, or pave her own way. 

There is poetry all through this novel, it is partially what ddrives the main character to her decisions. That is why I have chosen the Matched Series as day three of the April Book Challenge. 

So go check it out! You won't be sorry if you do! 

-Shawnee Smith

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