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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Top 10 Books I Want To See Made Into A Movie

Hollywood is jumping on the literary train lately. It seems that almost every other movie coming out was based on a book, or influenced by a classic. So since Hollywood is making so many books into movies, these are my top 10 I want to see.

Note: I did not include books such as Maze Runner and The Fault In Our Stars because those movies are already coming out. Yes I'm excited to see them but this list is for those books/movies that have not started production.

10. The Tragedy Paper

Written by: Elizabeth LaBan 

What It's About: As a Senior at The Irving School, Duncan has two things on his mind: His Tragedy Paper (the equivalent of a senior thesis) and his gift left to him by his rooms former occupant. When Duncan receives a stack of CD's recounting outsider Tim's time at school, he receives the best gift ever, the meat to his tragedy paper. But will the retelling of the events leading up to the unforgettable accident help him forgive himself?

Why It Would Make A Good Movie: Honestly, this sounds like a movie that would run on Hallmark but I would still watch it. I want to see for my own eyes the story unfold instead of just hearing about it. I can see some really cool transitions and a great story for some actors to stretch their legs. I have no input on who I would cast but I can see maybe Diana Agron as the female lead.

9. Wither (The Chemical Garden Trilogy)

Written by: Lauren DeStefano

What It's About: Thanks to a medicine that was supposed to give humans a longer life, men can now only live to age 25 and women to age 20. Rhine is a 16 year old girl with a twin brother, who is captured and sold to a wealthy man to be his bride, which is not uncommon in this society. Rhine must then decide if she will be able to leave her sister wives and find her brother.

Why It Would Make A Good Movie. It's post apocalyptic. They're practically making every book under the sun on that topic into the movie. So it might be coming soon. The world that DeStefano creates inside the pages would look absolutely beautiful on the big screen. Though the topic may seem slightly gross to some people, it is actually covered very well and tastefully. And personally I vote Nina Dobrev as Rhine and Logan Lerman actually popped into my head for Gabriel.

8. The False Prince (The Ascendance Trilogy) 

Written by: Jennifer A. Neilsen

What It's About: Sage is an orphan boy living on the streets until a man picks him up to train him to become a stand-in for a long dead prince. Sage must beat out the three other boys picked for the job as well, because failure means death.

Why It Would Make A Good Movie: This has a renaissance theme all over it. Horse drawn carriages, and ships going down, and training with broad swords, oh my!  There need to be more movies that are like that. With an ending that you wouldn't believe if I told you right now, this movie would be remembered for a long time. Dylan O'Brien comes to mind when I think of Sage. Or maybe Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy on The Vampire Diaries.). Yeah, Steven R. McQueen. I take back Dylan O'Brien.

7. Nerve

Written by: Jeanne Ryan

What It's About: Since an unfortunate accident a few months earlier, sheltered teenager Vee decides to take place in a preliminary round of Nerve not knowing that she would be put through to the live show. Nerve is form of the game Truth or Dare (without the truth part) where you complete the challenges to win prizes, it has become the most popular form of entertainment in the whole world. The bigger the prize, the more dangerous and deadly the dare.

Why It Would Make A Good Movie: Ryan creates such an epic game in Nerve that it HAS to be put onto the big screen. The thing about Nerve is that it knows EVERYTHING about their contestant, from their hopes and fears to their friends and fashion taste. Movie makers could have a really fun time making this movie into the creepy thing I know it can be. I have no preference for actors, so long as someone can actually, you know, act.

6.The Program Series

Written by Suzanne Young

What It's About: In the near future, teen suicide and depression is at an all time high. In order to attempt to save lives, the Government has created 'The Program' to rid teens of their depression. Since her brother committed suicide, Sloane and her boyfriend James must attempt not to show too many feelings of any kind. They do great until suicide attempts plague their social groups and they are forced into 'The Program'.

Why It Would Make A Good Movie: The Program has a relevance to today's society where depression and suicide are affecting teens at a younger and younger age. I could see this being made into a great movie. I want to see the emotion they go through on actors faces, not just reading it on a page. As for the cast, I actually don't have a say. I keep thinking of actors that would have been good 10 years ago. Maybe this would be an opportunity to discover someone new?

5. The Delirium Series

Written by: Lauren Oliver

What It's About: In this dystopic society, love is a disease. At age 17 all members of society must have 'the procedure' in order to have the disease taken from their body. 16 year old Lena is only months away from her procedure, something she has always wanted, when she meets a mysterious boy Alex. Lena must then decide if she wants to continue on with her life, or start a new one in the Wild.

Why It Would Make A Good Movie: Hollywood has already attempted to make Delirium into a TV Series. It ultimately failed, because they were dummies and casted both of Lena's love interests for the pilot episode even though one doesn't even make an appearance until the second book. Seriously, Hollywood? But I believe if they stayed true to the books, this movie would have been huge. They had a great cast with Emma Roberts and Daren Kagasoff as Lena and Alex. They even got the right Julien (Lena's second love interest) with Gregg Sulkin. However, if they would have just stayed true to the books, and also it wouldn't have worked as a TV show anyways, Hollywood would have had a hit. SO RETRY PLEASE!!!!

4. The Matched Series

Written by: Ally Condie

What It's About: In the future 'The Society' has taken control and limited knowledge with only allowing 100 of every form of art to exist. 100 poems, 100 songs, 100 paintings, etc. During their 17th year of existence members of The Society are matched by algorithm to their perfect other. When Cassia Reyes is matched on her birthday to her best friend Xander, she believes that her future will be perfect. Until someone else's face shows up instead of Xander's, and she knows him too. The mysterious Ky. Cassia must then choose between the life she always wanted, and the new one she never thought was possible.

Why It Would Make A Good Movie: Let's face it, this is a new 1984. Total government control, and almost no backlash from the general public. However, it features a strong female lead that I think needs to be showcased. Other than being mentally strong, Cassia is exceptionally ordinary. She has no superpowers, she doesn't have any amazing fighting skills. I think that is something important to show the rest of the world. As for the cast, I agree with Ally Condie's statement that Logan Lerman should play Ky. As for Xander, Matt Lanter? He's too old, but I wish. No preference on Cassia.

3. The Testing Series

Written by: Joelle Charbonneau

What It's About: In the future, the world has been is distress. Most soil cannot be used for planting and most water actually now covers North America. Every Year the capitol, Tosu City, selects the best and brightest graduates to participate in The Testing, which then weeds out those unsuitable to lead the country. All Cia wants is follow in her fathers footsteps and be selected for The Testing, but when she gets there she discovers that there is more to The Testing than she originally thought. Cia must decide who she can trust, if she can trust anyone at all.

Why It Would Make A Good Movie: This novel is filled with plenty of action sequences that would look incredibly badass on screen. Again with a strong female that has no special powers or skills than her mind, quite important. This whole story screams DONT GIVE UP on every page, something that Cia never does. She could be a role model, if she ever made it to the big screen. The only thing I have to say about the casting is The Carver twins should play Will and Gill. And as long as he's hot (I know that's shallow) I don't have a preference on Tomas. Or Cia either. As long as they can both carry the roles. Also so much happens in this book that it would even make a good TV show. Either would be great, Hollywood!

2. Looking for Alaska

Written by: John Green

What It's About: Miles, AKA Pudge, is the epitome of a loser. His parents are his only friends and he spends his time memorizing famous last words. When he goes off to boarding school to seek The Great Perhaps, Pudge's life will change forever. He meets a slew of colorful characters and falls in love with Alaska, the fascinating, self-destructive beauty down the hall. Pudge and his friends must band together when everything feels as though it will never be the same.

Why It Would Make A Good Movie: If you've been reading this blog you know how much I love John Green. Like honestly, he's amazing. Since Fault In Our Stars is being made into a movie, I believe it's time for another one of his books to be in the spotlight for a while. Alaska's outbursts and Pudge's reaction to the accident will give the actors plenty of room to create a beautiful performance. And lets face it, all the ladies want to see the stripper dance at the school assembly. So don't take that part out Hollywood!

1. The Legend Series

Written by: Marie Lu

What It's About: In the near future, North America has been split down the middle by two warring societies. The Colonies of America in the East, and the Republic of America in the West. Legend takes place in The Republic where the government has total control of their citizens by means of The Trial, a test that, if you pass, determines the rest of your life. The story follows 15 year old military prodigy June and she attempts to capture Day, the 15 year old most wanted criminal in The Republic, on suspicion of him being her older brother's murderer. Through their journey, June and Day find that the Republic is not what they thought it was. They must then decide who they can trust: themselves, the rebels, or The Colonies.

Why It Would Make A Good Movie: I have stated earlier that Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopic movies have been all the rage lately, and its 100% true. This is a classic Dystopic novel. Oppressive Government, ruined city, and a warring nation. Not to mention that June and Day are so completely bass ass and the story is filled with fight scenes. I personally would love to see June kick some ass and watch Day run a building in 8 seconds. It would be totally worth it. So long as they can actually act, I have no thoughts on who should play Day and June, I'm keeping an open mind. Though someone did say that Tyler Posey should play Anden (The President's son) and I actually think that's a great idea.

Hollywood, go forth and conquer these amazing stories. Just don't screw them up or you will have to deal with angry fandoms. :)

-Shawnee Smith

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