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Monday, February 8, 2016

Where Did I Go? / Rebranding

Hey everyone! 

It has been more than six months since my last post, and I am not really okay with that. 

I started this blog because it made me happy to read all of these books and post my opinions. 

I got accepted to a new school in the fall and I have been focusing so hard on getting into my major (which I did a few weeks ago), passing all of my classes, and making new friends. While my life is being fulfilled in so many ways and I truly am happy, I can't help but feel that there is something missing. 

Today I tweeted on my personal account that I haven't bought a book in weeks. I realized quickly that I am not okay with that. 

I am not okay with letting my passion die out just because I have a lot going on.

Typically, I do not make New Years Resolutions, and since it is a little late for that, I am making a personal resolution that I will post more on this blog. 

It may not be all about YA Fiction, and it may not all be reviews, but it will be about me and my passions. 

Which brings me to my second topic: rebranding. 

I have loved blogging under YA Fiction, but I feel as though I need to expand my reach if I am going to keep to my resolution to post more frequently. 

New topics may include my travels, classic books I'm reading, and movies I have watched.

I am attempting to create something that is the best of both worlds. It will probably end up as an entertainment blog with a focus on YA Fiction. 

Hopefully some of you who have been reading this blog have stuck around long enough to see this post and decide to follow me over to my new creative outlet. 

If you decide not to, that's alright too.

-Shawnee Smith