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Welcome to YA Fiction Review. My name is Shawnee Smith. No, I am not the actress that was in The Blob or Becker so don't ask or comment about that. I am an extremely tall, 20 year old college girl with a passion for books. I began this blog to have a place where I can obsess over all things Young Adult Fiction.

Other than reading, I enjoy watching copious amounts of How I Met Your Mother (and no, I HATED the ending #TeamSwarkles), listening to music (I'm really into The Script right now), re-watching Lion King for the ten thousandth time, and hanging out with my best friend Lisa.

Thankfully Lisa is an avid reader so I can discuss books with her any time I want. S/o to turningpages94.blogspot.com AKA Lisa :)

What else about me? I like doing weird jump thingies when the sun is setting....

I was in my High School's Competition Choir for all four years ;) I know. I'm awesome. And yes we were actually very good. Seen below is a picture of us during our annual trip to Canada for a competition where we swept the floor coming home with 10 awards. We also got a perfect score at a competition that year. I like to brag :)

Oh, and once I ran a red light with a car full of my friends and one of them left me a reminder in my yearbook.

So thank you for stopping by and reading a small tidbit about me. I hope you enjoy my blog! 

-Shawnee Smith

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