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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Book Challenge

 So there are all these challenges going around the internet lately. and I found a few different book challenges online and adapted them to fit April. Over the next 30 days I am challenging myself to post everyday following this list (as well as continuing reviews and what I'm reading).

April Book Challenge
1- Funny Book
2- Children's Book
3- Book about Poetry
4- Book where lying is important
5- Trees for Arbor Day
6- Sorry Charlie Day (Book with a character named Charlie)
7- Book with a diamond with importance
8- Favorite Green Book
9- Name Yourself Day (Character Gave Them self A New Name)
10- National Siblings Day (Sibling Book/Book with siblings)
11- Never thought I would like this one
12- Favorite Blue Book
13- Make this into a movie, please
14- Book with a character named Daisy
15- Book about the Titanic
16- Favorite Series
17- Book where the main character has a pet
18- Favorite Book to Movie adaptation (This is the book)
19- Favorite Vampire book
20- Look Alike Day (Book with Twins/doppelgangers)
21- Favorite Red Book
22- Favorite Post Apocalyptic book
23- Favorite Romance
24- Book with a ghost
25- Favorite Travel Book
26- Book with an Australian character
27- Tell A Story Day (Favorite Book)
28- Book with Best Kiss
29- Favorite Black Book
30- National Honesty Day (Book you love but feel judged about loving)

So here goes nothing.

-Shawnee Smith

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