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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 1 - April Book Challenge

Favorite Funny Book
In honor of April Fools Day, the subject of today's post is a comedy book. 
 Struck by Lightning by Chris Colfer My choice is Struck By Lightning by Chris Colfer. 

Everyone who has seen an interview with Chris Colfer knows that he is an extremly funny guy. It is no surprise that his humor would translate into his writing. 

This book is about a student named Carson Phillips who wants nothing more than to be accepted to Northwestern University so he can get out of his crap town and on the way to becoming an Editor of a newspaper. When Northwestern says that he would have a better chance of being accepted if he starts a literary magazine, Carson does just that. To get participants however, he blackmails students from every social group. 
This is a quick, easy read that is humorous and many people would enjoy. I would reccomend reading the book before you watch the movie. So go start reading! 

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