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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

James Dashner's Announcement

It has been announced by James Dashner that he is currently writing a second prequel for The Maze Runner Series entitled The Fever Code!

The Fever Code will be about how the boys all ended up in The Maze and how The Maze was created in the first place. This novel will answer questions that have been floating around in The Maze Runner fandom for years! Did the boys volunteer to go in The Maze? Were they forced? We will soon find out!

Unfortunately, we Gladers will have to wait a while longer since the expected publication isnt until 2016! Until then, fans of the books can re-read the original books and enjoy the movies. Yes movieS, plural. The Scorch Trials recently got the green light to begin production. The expected release date is September 18, 2015.

Will you read The Fever Code when it comes out? I know I will!

-Shawnee Smith

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