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Monday, February 3, 2014

My Favorite John Green

John Green. Everyone in the book world knows that name. He has to be one of the most celebrated Young Adult authors ever. I have enjoyed reading his novels and two of them have actually made me cry. Like weep. And I have no emotions, so to get me to cry or laugh at a book it has to be GREAT. I have often praised John Green and told everyone to read his books.

While all of this is great, I respect him so much....for his Twitter account. Or rather is sportswithjohn twitter account. He's a fan of real football and constantly live tweets the games and I like reading those. But since it was the Super Bowl last night he decided to live tweet. And since he didn't support either team playing he literally auctioned off his support (respect). Whichever account for his chosen charity had the most money by kickoff, he would support the team it was dedicated to. He ended up supporting the Broncos. Boo. You Whore. No hard feelings though.

He then proceeded to call the Seahawks every insulting name under the sun. And I kind of resepct him for it in a way. He call them SeaDicks, OceanSharts, SeaBarfs, SeaAnemone, SeaShits, SeaFleas, SeaButts, SeaFarts, and much, much more. This post is 100% dedicated to John Green because he is AWESOME! Thank you for writing today's book!

Looking For Alaska by John Green

Miles, AKA Pudge, Halter is the epitome of a loser. He has no friends, he studies famous last words, and he only hangs out with his parents. Until he goes off to seek the Great Perhaps. At Culver Creek boarding school in Alabama, Miles finds those who will show him the way to the Great Perhaps. He becomes friends with the Colonel and Takumi who show him their ways around the rules and falls head over heels in love for Alaska Young, the unstable, fascinating, and screwed-up beauty down the hall. Together they will all explore the world and find what they never thought they would have to look for.

This is my absolute favorite novel by John Green. Screw 'The Fault In Our Stars', it's all about Looking for Alaska. I like that this novel is separated into two separate parts: Before and After with a countdown (or count-up) from the "The Day". This structure let you know that "The Day" was near without spoiling what will happen. Yes you can probably guess what happens but the story is more about the aftermath than it is about the actual event. And I like that. So many books focus on this big event or tragedy and then they don't spend any time on the aftermath. It's sort of glossed over. This book doesn't do that. It takes its time developing the ending of the story.

I feel sort of like Alaska does about Pudge. I see him as this cute little geek who is absolutely adorable. When he arrives at Culver Creek he has this naivete about him. He's never smoked, he doesn't drink, he always does his homework. Slowly, with influence from his roommate The Colonel, and his friends Takumi and Alaska, Pudge grows out of that phase. He slowly becomes versed in the ways of pranking, breaking school rules, and not snitching. You can see the love he has for Alaska and its truly heartbreaking because you can see that she just wont let herself love him. After "The Day" you can see how much Culver Creek changed Pudge. He has these friends that would go great lengths for each other, he doesn't care so much about his classes, and well, he still knows not to snitch.

I love, love, LOVE this book. Words can't describe how much I love this book. It makes me cry every. single. time. There is a bit of a mystery set into the book. First you have to figure out what this "Day" is and why it is so important it deserved its own countdown. Then you have to unriddle the mystery of what happened on "The Day". I'm trying so hard not to give spoilers so this paragraph may make absolutely no sense whatsoever unless you know what I'm talking about.

So in order to know what I'm taking about, GO READ THIS BOOK. It's amazing and definitely worth it. It gets a 10/10 from me. <3

-Shawnee Smith

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  1. You said it that one time we went to the book store with your friend! You've said it multiple times....I think. Anyways, I've heard a lot of people saying they don't like the series.