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Sunday, October 19, 2014

October Book Challenge Day 19: Book to Movie/TV Adaptation

Well this is a subject I am well versed on. I love reading books and I love watching movies. So whenever there is an adaptation of a book made into a movie or a TV show, you can bet that I will see it. Sometimes it might take me a while, but I always watch them.

You can check out my 'Rad or Bad' tab above to find breakdowns of the movie adaptations I have seen and written about. Also in the 'Page to Screen' tab, you can find posts that have movie or TV news. 

Now I will talk about the adaptations I like...

The Hunger Games


They did a really great job adapting this book into the movies. I thought they kept enough to stay true to the story, but changed what was necessary. I understand when it comes to adapting a book you can't keep everything. But I thought this movie did a fantastic job. 

The 100


The TV show is nothing like the book, and in a way I like that. It took the general idea and made it it's own thing instead of staying true to the book and messing it up. Plus there was not even enough to substantiate a series since there is only (now) two books (one when the show premiered). Just because something is different doesn't mean it sucks. I do think, however, that the same feel you got when you read the book was translated onto the screen. And, you know, I just love the book and the show so much.

The Maze Runner


I actually loved this adaptation. Yes a lot was changed, but as I stated before, you can't keep everything the same. Sometimes you have to adapt to make plot points more visual, or you have to take out plot points that don't directly affect the main plot. I thought there was a great balance. Plus Wes Ball gets all my praise for announcing that he won't split The Death Cure into two movies. 

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-Shawnee Smith

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