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Monday, July 21, 2014

MCM: 5 Reasons To Love Jace Herondale/Lightwood/Morgenstern/Wayland

Jace is everyone's favorite Shadowhunter. If you have not read The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare, you may be slightly confused by all the last names. Well we are too, but it makes slightly more sense if you are familiar with the Shadowhunter World. Since I have just finished reading 

City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6)

I thought I would list 5 reasons to love Jace, and honor him as this week Man Crush Monday.

1. His love for Clary
Jace has a fierce love for anyone that he allows inside the walls he has put up to protect himself. For that past several years the only people Jace could say that he loved was his new family, mainly his adoptive siblings Alec, Isabelle, and Max. Until Clary shows up in his life. Since he admitted to himself that he loves her, his love never wavered. He would do anything to keep her out of harms way. He is protective of his true love.

2. He will do anything for his Parabatai
Parabatai in the Shadowhunter world are fighting partners, someone you can trust with your life, someone you have a special bond with. Jace loves his parabatai, Alec, fiercely and he will do anything to protect him. Even if that means going to talk to his parabatai's ex-boyfriend to see if there is any chance they will get back together. 

3. His sarcasm
Sarcastic boys are the best, and Jace is no exception. He has a clever wit about him that allows him to ease the tension in almost any situation. Looking for a someone to make you smile by making a joke after almost getting killed? Jace is your guy. 

4. His fighting abilities
Jace was brought up in a way that it was expected of him to be the best, and in the Shadowhunter world, he is. Everyone knows who he is, partially because of his family and partially because of how skilled a fighter he is. Reading the books, you get dozens chances to see him in action.

5. He's a bad boy
Every girl falls for at least one bad boy, am I right? At the beginning of the series, Jace is nothing but a bad boy. While his actions do seem to clean up though the length of the series, you still see a trace of that wickedness every now and then.

Is Jace Herondale/Lightwood/Morgenstern/Wayland your MCM this week? He should be one of these Mondays ;)

-Shawnee Smith

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