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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cover Reveal: 'Vanishing Girls' by Lauren Oliver

The cover for Lauren Oliver's new book 'Vanishing Girls' was just released on hypable.com

Don't know what Vanishing Girls is? Here's a synopsis: 

"When nine-year-old Madeline Snow goes missing from a parking lot in a sleepy Massachusetts town, the whole community follows the seemingly dead-end search with bated breath – including sisters Nick and Dara Warren. The girls, once joined at the hip, have become estranged after a violent car crash leaves Dara scarred and Nick with almost no memory of the hours leading up to the accident that changed their lives forever.

But when Dara disappears on the eve of her seventeenth birthday, Nick is convinced that something has gone terribly wrong, and she’s determined to track her sister down. The more Nick uncovers about her enigmatic sister and the double life she led before the accident, the more unsure she is that she wants to know the truth. But the stakes are getting higher, propelling her forward and backward in time, willing her to expose the link between these two vanishing girls."

Are you going to read 'Vanishing Girls' when it hits shelves in 2015?

-Shawnee Smith

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