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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Delirium Pilot. Rad or Bad?

I have finally watched the Delirium pilot available on Hulu...

And I will say that I was pleasantly surprised. While there was alot that was changed around from book-to-book, and added characters, I felt that it was still a good adaptation.

I do feel that the pace was a little fast, the entire first book was played out in the first episode, and I'm just wondering where else they had to go. At the rate the script was going there would be no new material after the first season.

I still don't like that Julian was in the pilot. However I do respect that they didn't have him meet Lena yet, only Hannah. Which begs to question if Julian would still be Lena's second love interest or if he would serve as the catalyst for Hannah to resist the cure.

If you want to see my play-by-play tweets of the episode, you can check out my twitter account @YAFictionReview and look for the Delirium hashtag (note: I forgot to include it in the first dozen so just look until you see the tweet of my announcing my live tweeting).

Have you seen the Delirium pilot yet? What did you think? If Hulu was to expand the series, would you watch?

-Shawnee Smith

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