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Monday, June 30, 2014

Bad Shawnee. Being Lazy.

So I've been extremely lazy as of late. 

All I have wanted to do is just lay down, and not read. I know that this is a problem and since I run a book blog I should be reading books non stop. I've just needed a slight break for my brain from always thinking and putting plots together...

I've just gotten lazy.

That is why there hasn't been a new review lately or a "What I'm Reading Right Now". 

However, I am almost done with Divided by Elsie Chapman

Divided (Dualed, #2)

The sequel to Dualed (Read my review of Dualed here). Once I finish that (I'm super close to the end) I will write a review and post it ASAP. 

I promise.

-Shawnee Smith

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