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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Reading Rutt?

I feel like I'm in a reading rutt.

I just haven't found any books lately that I have been SUPER EXCITED to read. 

I'll read them because the synopsis sounds good, or because people think that I will enjoy them, but I haven't been ANTICIPATING a book since early January. 

It's a problem.

That and some books are starting to get really dumb now-a-days. Not necessarily just dumb, but also played out. I seriously think that every other book has vampires right now.


Move on guys, just, move on. 

I don't really know whats wrong with me right now. I need to read about a book that sounds SO INCREDIBLY GOOD that I wont be able to wait until I can get my hands on it! 

That's the dream. 

And yes, I did just complete this post using on Gifs from How I Met Your Mother. I am feeling slightly deprived since the Series Finale. Deal with it. 

-Shawnee Smith

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