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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Next Ten Weeks

My final quarter at Community College has arrived!

I will, thankfully, be transferring to a University at the beginning of the 2015/2016 academic year and I could not be happier! (Except that I will be leaving behind @TurningPages94. Sad.)

I just wanted to fill you all in on what is happening on that frontier and discuss what will be happening on this blog for the next ten weeks. 

Okay, so, my subconscious apparently wanted to kill me with this course load, and I'm not joking. I'm taking three full classes (the maximum that you can take without getting the Dean's permission for extra courses and that's really just a waste of time) and I have been on the honor roll every quarter I have been eligible (must take more than 10 credits) so I have a reputation to live up to. I say reputation because I don't want the colleges I have been accepted to rescind their applications because my final quarter grades were not good enough. And I'm also trying to squeeze some more money out of them by way of academic scholarships. 

Those three classes I am taking are American Sign Language 121, English 210 - American Nobel Laureates, and Psychology 101. 

In ASL we are required to come to class, obviously since that is how we will be getting all of our information and learning to sign. We are also required to have one hour long study groups twice a week in addition to completing the one hour long video homework that is given every. single. night. We are also given quizzes/tests every few days so we really have to know our stuff. (Side Note: My ASL teacher is all super bubbly and happy while she is signing but the SECOND that she starts talking she gets all strict and mean and her voice does not match her body. This isn't really relevant, we just like laughing about it in my study group and I like mentioning it.)

In English I have to read a new book every two weeks and write a paper on it (really, this is the easiest class). In addition to attending classes (random quizzes on materials studied during lectures and class participation is counted towards my grade. yippee.) Plus a four page 'research' paper and a final paper. 

Psychology is the weird one. Our class lectures are what is going to be making up the final test. However, we have a test every two weeks covering three-four different chapters in the book. It is our responsibility to read said book, understand said book, and know material in said book for said quizzes. 

I am also visiting two colleges this month (roadtrip!) to see if I like either of them. 

I am also determined to continue blogging even though my schoolwork makes me want to bang my head into a wall and hibernate until I graduate. 

The blog posts will not be frequent, and I will not do another Monthly Challenge until July...ish. However, I do promise to continue reading the genre I love and write as many reviews and posts as I possibly can! 

So, that is what is going to be happening for the next ten weeks. I kind of just dropped off the map last time and I didn't really like that. I am going to try to be better! 

-Shawnee Smith

P.S. I have no idea what book to read next, so if anyone reads this all the way to the end (props dude) then leave me a suggestion as to what I should pick up! 

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