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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review: Burning Kingdoms by Lauren DeStefano

Burning Kingdoms (Internment Chronicles, #2)

Publisher: 10 March 2015 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Pages: 320
Series: The Internment Chronicles #2

"Danger descends in the second book of The Internment Chronicles, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Chemical Garden trilogy.

After escaping Internment, Morgan and her fellow fugitives land on the ground to finally learn about the world beneath their floating island home.

The ground is a strange place where water falls from the sky as snow, and people watch moving pictures and visit speakeasies. A place where families can have as many children as they want, their dead are buried in vast gardens of bodies, and Internment is the feature of an amusement park.

It is also a land at war.

Everyone who fled Internment had their own reasons to escape their corrupt haven, but now they’re caught under the watchful eye of another king who wants to dominate his world. They may have made it to the ground, but have they dragged Internment with them?"

I was completely in love with the first installment of this series, so the moment this book was available to me, I snatched it up a devoured it! 

Burning Kingdoms picks up right where Perfect Ruin left off. The group of rebels have landed on the ground and they are attempting to figure out the world they are now living in. I loved the way that DeStafano was able to take many aspects of living on Earth and write about it from the point of view of someone who had never experienced any of it. She talks about birds, thunderstorms, bombs, and rain in such a way that it was eye opening for me. Sometimes I would think "wow, I never thought of it that way", and I think that is a testament to what a phenomenal writer DeStefano is. 

The only thing you should know going in to this book is that it is quite a bit of set up for the third installment, which I'm all for. However, it seems to drag in some places because there is so much set up and barely any resolution. I was constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop and the rebeles to be in danger on the ground, but they were never really in any great peril. 

I'm excited to see where all of the relationships are going to go in the next book! I have so many questions that I want answered and I want them answered now! Hurry up and write faster Lauren DeStefano so I can enjoy this world once more! 

Broken Crowns, the third installment, is set to be published sometime in 2016. 

If you haven't yet, I highly recommend you go out and get The Internment Chronicles! You will not be disappointed!

-Shawnee Smith

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