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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Is America the Only One Left or Something?

So lately I have been wondering something extremely important in the world of Dystopic Fiction....

What happens to countries other than America?

I mean pretty much every single Dystpoic Fiction book I have read has taken place in "future America" or whatever they decide to call it. I mean there is Divergent, The Hunger Games, Delirium, Legend, The Chemical Garden Trilogy, Matched, Uglies, Dualed,  Article 5, The 5th Wave, The Testing, The Birthright Series, Fahrenheit 451 and those are just off the top of my head.

Honestly, where are the other countries? Are they just sitting back laughing at the former United States because they can't seem to get it together? Or were they all completely obliterated during whatever natural disaster caused these societies to form? Or do they mirror the societies that we see in the novels?

These are just questions I wish authors would answer some times when I am in my curious phase. But whatever. I will just sit back and wonder who won the Olympics that year...if there even was one :O

-Shawnee Smith

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